Cypher Tech Inc. appoints Megan Yung and Mary Adams to the Advisory BoardBoard

[Oct 25, 2023] – Cypher Tech, Inc., an innovative company building a first-of-its-kind corporate solution for companies seeking to enhance their diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, today announced the appointment of Megan Yung and Mary Adams to its Board of Advisors.

“We are very excited to have Megan and Mary join our Advisory Board,” said Danish Jaffer, Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Cypher Tech, Inc. “We believe they will be a great addition to our team and will provide invaluable insight into how to successfully scale our company and compete in our competitive sector.”

About Mary Adams

Ms. Adams is a Principal Consultant and Owner of The Employee Relations Group® (TERG®), a global Employment Compliance Consulting Firm. Mary is TERG’s Certified Expert in Human Resources Issues for plaintiffs and defendants nationwide, Witness, Reports, Depositions, and Consulting nationwide.

As a former national and global corporate human resources director, Ms. Adams provided HR generalist support for over 15 years and 100s, per job role, for employees in companies, including IBM Corp., Dell Computer, Google/Bertelsmann, Start-Up, and Venture Capital firms. Along with a Doctor of Law, she is uniquely qualified to advise compliance, and her specialty is researching and drafting documents. 

Ms. Adams added, “I look forward to using my expertise as a new Board of Advisors of Cypher Tech. The opportunity to have the product and services Cypher Tech will bring to large, medium, and small size companies, in my opinion, is needed to deliver the next generation of DEI full-cycle communication.”


About Megan Yung

Ms. Yung is an experienced corporate strategist currently serving as Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Y Innovations Group, a global organization specializing in consulting and advisory, biotechnology and artificial intelligence company creation, and funding for select companies. She specializes in creating high-value transactions, displacing market incumbents through various strategic mechanisms, including IP challenges, and identifying market opportunities in various fields and countries. Ms. Yung is also well-versed in fundraising and scaling startups from early stage to IPO. Prior to joining Cypher Tech, Inc., Ms. Yung held in-house counsel positions where she served as a key member of the leadership teams, including serving as Chief Strategy Officer, General Counsel, and Head of Intellectual Property and Competitive Intelligence at various organizations.

Ms. Yung added “I am delighted to join the Board of Advisors of Cypher Tech and look forward to working closely with my fellow advisors as well as the management team to help the company achieve its goals. I believe there is a definite need for Cypher Tech’s technology in a variety of companies looking to enhance, focus, and provide tangible advancements in their own DEI initiatives.”


Cypher Tech Inc.

Cypher Tech Inc. builds products and solutions to create an open, connected, and inclusive world for all.

Products: SafeSpace helps organizations become more Diverse, Equitable, Inclusive (DEI) by giving employees a safer environment to voice concerns, ask for help, and seek counseling and coaching.

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