Our Mary Adams, Speaker at the 9th Bi-Annual Women in Carwash Conference. January 15–17, 2024. At the The B Ocean Resort Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


Women in Car Wash: We educate, inspire, motivate, and energize professional women who care passionately about the car wash industry by delivering expert-level informative presentations, hands-on workshops, discussion groups, open forums, networking opportunities, and enjoyable, entertaining experiences. We encourage individual transformational growth, foster supportive relationships, and create a new sense of belonging and community within our industry.

The Conference: This conference is our place to thrive together, positioning ourselves to succeed and lead confidently. A designated space to gather and grow as professional women within the car wash industry has become a movement to educate, inspire, and support one another in myriad roles. The feminine energy is powerful and revolutionary. It has no limits, and neither do you. Join us at Women in Carwash™ and immerse yourself in our expansive experience.

Speaker Mary Adams: As a former national and global corporate human resources director, Mary provided HR generalist support for over 15 years and 100s per job role for employees in companies, including IBM Corp., Dell Computer, Google/Bertelsmann, Start-Up companies, and Venture Capital firms. Along with a Juris Doctor of Law, Mary is uniquely qualified to advise compliance, and her specialty is researching, drafting documents, expert witness services of testimony, reports, and depositions relating to employment and labor law. TERG is not industry-specific and enjoys the challenge of supporting commercial and non-profit clientele to meet their specific business model and industry compliance.

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